Managing innovation, design and creativity

Bettina Von Stamm


Innovation is the major driving force in organisations today. With the rise of truly global markets and the intensifying competition for customers, employees and other critical resources, the ability to continuously develop successful innovative products, services, processes and strategies is essential.
 9780470510667 /  Wiley /  2009 /  2nd editie /  572p. /  pb / 

Managing innovation, design and creativity

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While creativity is the starting point for any kind of innovation, design is the process through which a creative idea or concept is translated into reality.

Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity, 2nd Edition brings these three strands together in a discussion built around a collection of up-to-date case studies.

Managing Innovation, Design and Creativity has been written for students on innovation and design courses, and also for business managers with responsibility for innovation within their organizations

Dr. Bettina von Stamm, a renowned expert in her field, is passionate about understanding and enabling innovation.

For this purpose she has set up the Innovation Leadership Forum, part of which is a Networking group to exchange and add further knowledge around innovation. Current members contributing their innovation expertise include, BASF, Cancer Research UK, Cargill, ICI Paints, Marks & Spencer, Masterfoods, the National Health Innovation Institute, Nestle, Ordnance Survey, Smith & Nephew, Unilever and Visteon. Dr von Stamm also teaches and conducts research in design and innovation management at a number of leading universities in the US, Germany and the UK.