Glow : How you can radiate energy, innovation and success

Lynda Gratton


Some people just Glow. They radiate enthusiasm, positive energy and inspiration in their own work and they excite and ignite other people. These are the people who get to work on the exciting projects, who are always in demand, who stay ahead of the curve and create real added value in today’s increasingly competitive world.
 9780273723875 /  Prentice Hall /  2009 /  230p. /  pb / 

Glow : How you can radiate energy, innovation and success

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Wouldn’t you like to Glow too? Well, now you can!

In this engagingly written and highly practical book, Lynda Gratton shows you the three core principles that will enable you to become indispensable in your job. And she gives you nine concrete actions – that you can start today – to help you develop the key skills, habits and choices you need to Glow.

Once you’re glowing, things start happening.

In this beguilingly straightforward but insightful book, Lynda Gratton reveals the secrets of people who Glow at work and shows you how you can Glow too.

She guides you through the three core principles, showing you how: you can develop a co-operative mindset you can reach across traditional boundaries and build valuable networks in new, constructive ways you can ignite inspiration, innovation and energy in yourself and others

Glow shows you how to be more innovative, more collaborative, better connected – in other words, more valuable in what you do and, as a result, more sought after – without working yourself into the ground. To help you hone in on exactly where you should focus your efforts, throughout the book

Glow coaches you through a simple diagnostic profile to help you understand your own capabilities and those of your team and your organisation. It also includes handy checklists and tools to measure your progress and to help you Glow.