Person-centred counselling in action

Dave Mearns - Brian Thorne


This considerable revised third edition continues to offer a clear exposition of the approach for those embarking on the first stage of training and offers well-established practioners and even seasoned scholars much to intersts and stimulate them
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Person-centred counselling in action

Dubbelklik op de afbeelding voor groot formaat



It is now twenty years since the first edition of Person-Centred Counselling in Action appeared. The book has maintained a remarkable popularity throufghout the whole of this period and has achieved worldwide acclaim.

This third edition preserves the compelling and accessible style of its predecessors while provoking profound reflection on the key issues which concern not only persn-centred practioners but the whole field of counselling and psychotherapy.

New to the third edition: The inclusion of "relational depth", a key development in counselling. Extended discussions of the counsellor's use of self. An appendix of the authors' answers to frequently asked questions. Many fresh case vignettes. Further reading suggestions