Psychometrics in Coaching : Using psychological and psychometric tools for development

Jonathan Passmore


Psychometrics in Coaching offers expert advice on how coaches, consultants and human resources managers can use psychometrics to support and develop individuals in the workplace and outside. An essential source for those seeking expert guidance from the leading writers in the field. Published in cooperation with the Association for Coaching.
 9780749466640 /  Kogan Page /  2012 /  2nd editie /  440p. /  pb / 

Psychometrics in Coaching : Using psychological and psychometric tools for development

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Psychometrics in Coaching: Using Psychological and Psychometric Tools for Development explains numerous models and concepts - e.g. emotional intelligence, transformational leadership - and how to use them effectively within coaching for both practitioners and students.

Whether you are new to using psychometric tests or an experienced practitioner, this book provides you with a deep understanding of the models, the theory and research behind them, their reliability and validity, and how to implement them as part of a wider coaching and development programme.

Psychometrics in Coaching is an essential resource for those seeking expert guidance from the leading writers in the field, as well as students on psychology, psychometrics, business and human resources programmes.

Includes contributions from: Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe • Elizabeth Allworth • Richard Barrett • Dave Bartram • Richard Brady • Eugene Burke • Sally Carr • David Caruso • Roy Childs • Peter Clough • Bernard Cooke • Keith Earle • James Fico • Alexander Fradera • Leanne Harris • Robert Hogan • Thomas Hurley • Quentin Jones • Carol Kauffman • Betsy Kendall • Rainer Kurz • Rab MacIver • Helen Marsh • Dick McCann • Almuth McDowall • Kenneth Nowack • Stephen Palmer • Jonathan Passmore • Peter Pritchett • Peter Salovey • Peter Saville • Jordan Silberman • David Sharpley • Jeff Stagg • Doug Strycharczyk

Published with the Association for Coaching Promoting excellence & ethics in coaching

The Association for Coaching is an independent, non-profit professional body whose aim is to promote best practice and to raise the awareness and standards of coaching while providing value-added benefits to its members – whether they are professional coaches or organizations involved in coaching.

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