Talent is overrated : What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else

Geoff Colvin


Geoff Colvin (Fortune's senior editor at large and one of America's most respected journalists) explains cutting-edge research and eye-opening facts that debunk the myth of innate talent. This new mind-set, combined with his practical advice, will change the way you think about your job and career and will inspire you to achieve more in all you do.
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Talent is overrated : What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else

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What if everything you know about raw talent, hard work, and great performance is wrong? Asked to explain why a few people truly excel, most of us offer one of two answers. The first is hard work. Yet we all know plenty of hard workers, and some have been doing the same job for twenty, thirty, or forty years. Why isn't that enough to make them great?

The other possibility is that the elite possess an innate talent for excelling in their field. We assume that Mozart was born with an astounding gift for music, just as Warren Buffet carries the gene for making brilliant investments. T

he trouble is, scientific evidence doesn't support the notion that specific natural talents make great performers - and such talents may not even exist. So What's the real solution to the mystery of high performance?

According to Colvin, both the hard work and natural talent camps are wrong. What really makes all the difference is a highly specific kind of effort that few of us pursue when we're practicing golf or piano or stockpicking. "Deliberate Practice" isn't the kind of hard work that your parents told you about . It's difficult. It hurts. But more of it equals better performance. Tons of it equals great performance.

Based on a wide array of scientific research, Talent is Overrated shares the secrets of extraordinary performance and how to apply these principles to our lives and work. You'll read about axtraordinary people who never stop challenging themselves and who achieved world-class greatness by applying the ideas in this book

Bereidt u zich nog voor op de ‘war for talent’? Dan bereidt u zich misschien voor op de vorige oorlog. Want misschien is talent wel overgewaardeerd. Talent lijkt een combinatie te zijn van unieke gaven en keihard werk. Maar is dit zo? Werken Tiger Woods, Steve Stevaert en Steve Jobs echt zo hard? Hebben ze echt gaven die wijzen op unieke genen?

Colvin, uitgever van Fortune Magazine, neemt een controversieel standpunt in en verdedigt dit met verve. Niet supertalent of keihard werken maakt het verschil, maar een zeker talent gecombineerd met welbepaalde inspanningen maakt het verschil. ‘Deliberate practice’ scheidt de besten van de gewonen.