The art of innovation : Integrating creativity in organizations

Dimis Michaelides - Umit Inatci


The Art of Innovation' is a management art book. In times past, creative ideas and the innovations they generated were the domain of just a small number of exceptional individuals. Today we know that creativity is universal, relevant to all people in all parts of an organization, from boardroom to factory floor.
 9789963938001 /  Performa /  2009 /  112p. /  pb / 

The art of innovation : Integrating creativity  in organizations

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Presented in a unique and artistic way, The Art of Innovation is about how to promote creativity in organizations.

It will benefit business practitioners and theorists, and anyone with a special interest in creativity and innovation.

“…The book emphasizes the importance of putting in place the appropriate structures and cultures for innovation to function in a corporate setting…The arguments are made less with text and more with symbols, quotes and original, high-quality artwork, presented in a stunning graphic layout. This encourages the reader to look at innovation from a very unusual angle and with a very original frame of reference – something we know promotes creative thinking! …For these reasons and for its highly original layout and presentation, this book stands out in the mass of books on innovation. It deserves attention and it deserves to be read by all practitioners interested in integrating innovation in their organizations.”

Dimis Michaelides, the author, is unorthodox in every sense of the word. Having survived senior executive management positions in several large organizations such as the World Bank, Zeneca and the Popular Bank group, he has come to the conclusion that organizations must innovate or die.

Through his company, Performa Consulting, Dimis brings his unique talents as a speaker, facilitator, magician, musician, manager and art lover to inspire people in organizations.

Umit Inatci, the artist, is a painter who brings together East and West in a distinctive style which incorporates languages and symbols of his own creation. Umit has held numerous solo shows, won many prizes, and has published 17 books on art and politics. His works are displayed in private and public collections around Europe.