The designful company

Marty Neumeier


Part manifesto, part handbook, THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY provides a lively overview of a growing trend in management—design thinking as a business competence.
 9780321580061 /  New Riders /  2009 /  194p. /  pb / 

The designful company

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According to the author, traditional managers have relied on a two-step process to make decisions, which he calls “knowing” and “doing.

” Yet in today’s innovation-driven marketplace, managers need to insert a middle step, called “making.” Making is a phase in which assumptions are questioned, futures are imagined, and prototypes are tested, producing a wide range of options that didn’t exist before.

The reader is challenged to consider the author’s bold assertion: There can be no real innovation without design.

Those who are new to Marty Neumeier’s “whiteboard” series may want to ramp up with the first two books, THE BRAND GAP and ZAG. Both are easy reads. Covered in THE DESIGNFUL COMPANY: the top 10 'wicked problems' that only design can solve

- a new, broader definition of design

- why designing trumps deciding in an age of change  

- how to harness the 'organic drivetrain( of value creation

 - how aestetics add nuance to managing

- 16 levers to transform your company

- why you should bring design management inside

- how to assemble an innovation metateam

- how to recognize and reward talent

The complex business problems we face today can’t be solved with the same thinking that created them. Instead, we need to start from a place outside traditional management.

Forget total quality. Forget top-down strategy. In an era of fast-moving markets and leap-frogging innovations, we can no longer “decide” the way forward.

Today we have to “design” the way forward—or risk ending up in the fossil layers of history.

Marty Neumeier, author of THE BRAND GAP and ZAG, presents the new management engine that can transform your company into a powerhouse of nonstop innovation.