The thruth about Creativity : "Rules are there to be challenged"

Patrick Harris


The Truth About Creativity provides a practical and example-laden journey through creativity and its talent-releasing benefits for organisations, teams and individuals.
 9780273723561 /  Prentice Hall /  2009 /  244p. /  pb / 

The thruth about Creativity : "Rules are there to be challenged"

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Many of the truths are new perspectives on well-known creativity topics and will teach you how to: capture and use half-thoughts in the workplace; use alternative techniques to brainstorming; realise ideas must get complex before they get profound; succeed with a £10 budget; build momentum to take people with you; test the validity of ideas with a 5 minute business plan; recognize the customer isn’t always right – but listen to them anyway…and more. Through a powerful set of 'home-truths', you'll discover how creativity is the key to finding new solutions and developing dynamic cultures. You'll find out not only how to harness your own creativity, but how creativity can be used to unlock the talent in others, benefiting teams, organizations and individuals alike; Blunt honest and concise, you'll find the thruth, plain and simple